Savvy players have been busy since the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Some people have found ways to modify the game using special tools, and naturally, one of the things people came up with was a way to get some more nudity in there.

That's not the only thing, of course. Players using programs such as "Cheat Engine" have developed ways to allow tweaks to Inquisition involving items, adding classic Origins-style tactical view, and even the addition of god mode. You can check that stuff out here for the PC version of Inquisition, though it's the sort of thing that looks like it'll require some technical know-how to get working.

One of the saucier things you can do with cheats is let characters wear armor sets they can't normally wear—and this allows players to get their characters naked. Outside of sex scenes, I mean.

And this is where I warn you about NSFW content in this post.

With that out of the way, if you'd like a peek at what this looks like in action, here you go. Note that just because these characters are naked doesn't mean you get to see everything—no one has their genitals modeled, which can give characters a weird Barbie-like look. But if you'd still like to look at all your Dragon Age party members naked, here you go—thanks to Reddit user No-Shit-Sherlock for posting them:



Iron Bull












Where is Varric's chest hair? This is unacceptable. I'm also slightly amused by all the varying bulge sizes. I think I'll be sticking to actual armor in my game though. Helps with the dragons and all that.