Dragon Age 4's New Trailer Wasn't Much

I’m gonna get you sucka.
I’m gonna get you sucka.
Screenshot: BioWare

Earlier this week, BioWare tweeted that it would be offering a sneak peek at Dragon Age 4 during The Game Awards. The reveal was an extremely short cinematic featuring narration from fan-favorite Varric Tethras. Check it out below.

BioWare (YouTube)

The trailer teases a new protagonist with new companions in a new setting (which is totally in the Tevinter Imperium) while also revealing Solas will play a major role. Hmm!

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Can’t wait to play Varric’s new new best friend.

I love Varric, but does he need to be a party member for a third straight game? He seems content to just be BFFs with Hawke now that the rifts are shut. I’m not sure how much more companion-style story there is left to tell with him.