Dragon Age 2: New Game, New Hero

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It may have had its cover blown yesterday, but don't let that rain on your parade: Dragon Age 2 has made its public debut today.

The game, shown off on the cover of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, is an all-new title (despite coming so soon after the last game), stars a new hero and will take you to different parts of the world, unseen in the first game.


The first Dragon Age was one of the more pleasant surprises of 2009 (especially its superior PC version), its pitch at old-school RPG fans going down well with...old-school RPG fans!

You might get more info later in the day, if you're lucky, and if you're not (and don't read the printed word), you'll have to wait for whatever's in the issue of Game Informer to make its way online!

August Cover [Game Informer]

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I should give the first game another go really, my friend bought it and gave it to me as he hated it. I had just finished playing mass effect 2 so I thought I'd be at home straight away but the combat was clunky and the visuals (PS3) were bloody awful, so I gave up, admittedly very early on, first hour or so.

Thing is I've read so many raving reviews and heard people talk about it with such awe, I'm tempted to give it another shot. Especially before a sequel wings its way in our direction.

Should I bother?