Dragalia Lost Is Crossing Over With Fire Emblem

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It’s a big week for players of Nintendo’s mobile action role-playing game Dragalia Lost. Along with permanently reduced prices for summoning heroes and dragons, familiar faces are crossing over as part of the special Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event.


A portal opens between the worlds of Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost, bringing beloved characters like Alfonse, Marth, Fjorm, and Veronica face-to-face with the dragon-summoning heroes of Alberia. The event introduces a whole new quest type to the game called “Defensive Battles,” in which up to four players can team up to defend their gates from the advancing Imperial army, led by a mysterious new envoy.

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The Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event runs from 2 a.m. Eastern tomorrow, April 26, through May 14, with special login rewards spanning the duration. Players will be able to add five-star Alphonse to their team as a temporary member, and the prince will join their squad permanently if they earn enough friendship points during the event. Should be a piece of cake.

The launch of the special event also coincides with lowered prices to summon characters and dragons in the game. The amount of in-game currency (Wrymite) and premium currency (Diamantium) for a single summon has been reduced from 150 to 120. A thank you gift of 4,500 Wrymite rolls out to players with tomorrow’s update, which is enough to summon 37 times. Between the Fire Emblem crossover and the bonus currency, it’s a good time to be a Dragalia Lost player.

Dragalia Lost is a free download for iOS or Android devices. Fire Emblem Heroes is a free download for Android or iOS devices. You are a free download for iOS and Android devices.

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Grandpa Stern

Yeah, the changes they are making are insane. Not only the reduction of summon costs (which is awesome) but they are also taking Wyrmprints out of the summon pool permanently, refunding elderwater for dupe heroes you pulled previously, and opening a wyrmprint shop so you can buy the ones you want with the elderwater refund you got. Also, 3* and 4* heroes power levels are being re-balanced upward to make them more competitive (I believe). So hyped!