Dr. Mario Online RX Joins Initial U.S. WiiWare Releases

Illustration for article titled Dr. Mario Online RX Joins Initial U.S. WiiWare Releases

The newly launched in North America Nintendo Channel shows off the first batch of WiiWare titles to hit Western shores, revealing potential pricing on at least one of the debut games. The initial quintet of potential WiiWare releases—revealed by way of the "What Is WiiWare?" video—includes the following.

  • Dr. Mario Online RX
  • LostWinds
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
  • Defend Your Castle
  • Critter Round Up

Dr. Mario Online RX is shown priced at 1000 Wii Points, more commonly referred to as $10 USD. While we're not taking this as 100% confirmed yet, we will continue to be able to sleep soundly tonight assuming that the five titles listed above are prime candidates for next Monday's launch.

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I can see Dr. Mario: Online Rx to be a must buy... considering my family (mom's) addiction to the game.

I hope they don't mess up the music as Fever & Chill tunes are classics, while Qube (included with Dr. Mario 64) is a pretty good tune as well...