Downloadable Fix for Skyward Sword Bug Now Live in Japan, Coming Soon for U.S.

Illustration for article titled Downloadable Fix for emSkyward Sword/em Bug Now Live in Japan, Coming Soon for U.S.

We've written before about the nasty bug that will break Nintendo's latest Legend of Zelda game and Nintendo's plans to address it. Gamasutra reported earlier today that Nintendo opened up a special "Legend of Zelda Data Restoration Channel" to deliver the patch that would fix the problem for Skyward Sword users.


When Kotaku followed up with Nintendo, representatives pointed us a website that indicates a similar downloadable solution is in the works for North American Wii owners. You'll apparently be able to send save data to Nintendo, which is presumably an option for those without internet access.


We'll update this story when a fix goes live in other regions.

Important information regarding the Song of the Hero quest [Nintendo]

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How game breaking is this bug? I just got this game today as a christmas gift, I have been playing it for the last 6 hours straight, I love it. I'm also glad to see Nintendo patch something, This is the first Nintendo patch I have ever heard of.