Download Your Own Copy of Grand Theft Auto's Colourful Maps

Despite the ease of Steam and the comfort of my couch, I still own physical copies of both Vice City and San Andreas on PC. Why? Because of the maps.

It's long been a tradition with Rockstar's open world games, right through to GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption, to include physical maps of the game world, something older gamers appreciate in an era of on-disc manuals and guides.


Recognising, though, that in 2012 a lot of people are getting their games digitally, and thus missing out on that stuff, Rockstar has made available image files for the three PS2-era GTA games, complete with their fake ads.
Sadly, they're one-sided, meaning you're missing out on the amazing Vice City poster you got on the reverse, but hey, they're free, try not to complain.

Download High Res Maps for GTA Trilogy Titles [Rockstar]

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