Double Fine: "Brutal Legend Is Fine"

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While fans wonder en masse about the fate of Brütal Legend amid the new Activision Blizzard's worrying talk of "reviewing our options" and "improving efficiency," developer Double Fine's Tim Schafer has been fretting over his South Beach diet and finding a weevil in his Kashi oatmeal.

In the latest post on Double Fine's site, though, Schafer admits people have been hounding him for more details — and he complies, providing a full-size closeup of the dead weevil. Hover over the image with the mouse, though, and get the answer to the question we really want to know:

"Brütal Legend is fine," says a simple sentence.

We've contacted Double Fine in the hopes of gaining more details, and will update with any comment we receive.


MORE INFORMATION [Double Fine Action News, pic credit too]

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This pleases me. I didn't think it'd be canceled, but all the same Tim Schafer should have his games published without the distributors even having to ask about them.