In 48 hours, we'll know exactly what Valve's DOTA 2 looks like, thanks to the kick-off of a million-dollar tournament for the new game in Germany. But maybe we're looking at it right now.

A batch of purportedly leaked DOTA 2 screenshots are now circulating through the web, most of them via, all of them waiting to test your ability to believe in something real or call out a fake.

The people who run and know way more about Valve's next big game than I do say this about the shots:

Yes, these are screenshots of DOTA 2 but we do not know how old they are, and as we said already, the current UI will be way improved. So, take this for the general models, actual surfaces and atmosphere but we'd recommend to wait until GamesCom (yes, only 2 days now!) to actually make any decisions on the game!


They also believe they are four months old.

The folks at Valve Software certainly could tell us if the shots are real and, if so, how old, but they haven't returned a request for comment yet. If they do, this story will be updated.

DOTA 2 Leaked Screenshots [updated] []

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