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Doom Seems To Run Well On The Switch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The first hands-on impressions of Doom’s surprise Nintendo Switch version have hit the Internet, and it sounds like the demonic shooter performs quite well on Nintendo’s diminutive game slab.

At a recent press event, publications not named Kotaku got to try out an early version of Doom on Switch, and they pretty much unanimously dug it. Polygon reports that it runs “mostly at a smooth 30 frames per second,” which is down from Xbox One and PS4's 60 FPS, but still very playable. Bethesda was only demoing the game in the Switch’s handheld mode, but it’ll be playable in 720p when the Switch is docked and plugged into a TV.


Our comrade in Kinja-usingness (and blood), The A.V. Club, noted that the game’s visuals aren’t quite what they used to be, but it still feels good. “The visuals are noticeably less detailed, but that’s hardly a problem for a game that prizes motion and a fugue-state-like stream of ceaseless violence above all else,” they wrote. “More importantly, it felt like Doom, with all the speed and physicality intact despite the Switch version’s downgrade from the silky smooth frame-rate of the original release.”

GameSpot posted a video of the Switch port in action. Check it out:

Looks quite a bit like the original version to me! Will it feel as good to play, though? That remains to be seen. Doom will be out on Switch sometime early next year (Correction) sometime this holiday season.