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Doom 4's Earlier, Scrapped Version Sure Looked Different

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Doom 4, now just Doom, is a game a long time in the making. Mostly because at least one version of the game has been rebooted entirely. We got a brief look at the current game today, but here’s a rough look at one of the original takes, which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a Doom game.


The video was posted on Doom World earlier today, having originally appeared on Vimeo. Kotaku has learned that while some elements are in-engine, others were part of a 2012 trailer being put together by Blur Studio, which was never completed because the game was rebooted in the middle of their work.

It’s more Terminator than Doom, right? Human resistance fighters, realistic-looking gear, ruined cityscapes...this is as far removed from the hypercolour landscapes of Mars (and Hell) as the series could probably venture without having to change the name.


And...I dunno, I kinda like it! Sure, the post-apocalyptic freedom warriors thing is a played-out setting—and also looks like it could have shared some assets with RAGE—but it’s fresh for Doom, a series which has normally seen you play the lone wolf against hordes of monsters.

Note that many of the locations in the video—the library-looking building especially—match up with pieces of concept art we saw over three years ago, right down to the apocalyptic soldiers.