Don't Skip Your First Shower Of 2011

Since the mid 1820's stargazers have been watching the skies in early January to catch a glimpse of the annual Quadrantids meteor shower. Are you going to miss out on witnessing a potential 65 to 160 meteors per hour?

I know night time is generally gaming time, but you'll be missing out on a great show if you don't at least take a peek outside tonight or tomorrow night, when the annual spectacle that is the Quadrantids meteor shower is at its most prolific. One of several annual meteor shower, the Quadrantids gets its name from the constellation Quadrans Muralis, now extinct, which was once located near the meeting point of constellations Hercules, Bootes, and Draco.


Quadrans is gone, but the shower lives on. You can check out video of past Quadrantids showers on YouTube, but nothing beats the real thing. Consult Spacedex's guide to the shower below to find the best viewing time, drive out to somewhere secluded, and set your camera on time lapse.

Just be mindful: Contrary to recent reports, airplanes in the night sky are not like shooting stars, no matter how badly you could use a wish right nw.

Quadrantids Meteor Shower [Spacedex]

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