Don't Say Urkel Was The First Black Nerd

The geeky proclivities of folks like Aisha Tyler, Donald Glover and W. Kamau Bell have sparked conversations about the idea of what it means to be black and nerdy these days. How far back does this phenomenon go? Well, if you think Urkel’s the first black nerd, then you should probably watch comedian Baron Vaughn drop some science.


Vaughn performed this stand-up bit on CBS’ The Late Late Show last night and the routine lands some solid punches, especially when it mocks the shifts that happened over the last century with regard to policy and perception.

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Ok, this is a kind of obligatory comment, but I clicked on the link on Aisha Tyler's name, and man people are so mean. I think she's awesome, but look at those comments on the article that's linked. People are calling her a bitch for no reason(Well, the reason is probably because they're misogynist asswipes) and that pisses me off.