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Don't Miss Out On This Optional Indivisible Party Member

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Indivisible via Kotaku

Indivisible’s core conceit revolves around enlisting a wide array of party members, each with their own skills, to contribute to the Valkyrie Profile-esque combat. But there’s one recruitable character that’s entirely optional and pretty easy to miss in the game’s second major dungeon, which is a shame because his utility and damage output have since become the foundation of my fledgling battle party.

The first few chapters of Indivisible, the latest from Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games, see main character Ajna leaving her devastated village in pursuit of the madman who razed it to the ground. She’s eventually captured by enemy troops and taken aboard the antagonist’s flying fortress, from which she and the allies she’s managed to gather up to that point mount a daring escape. One such party member, the archer Zebei, is recruited after being freed from a prison cell just one floor above Ajna’s. As you explore the rest of the base, you’ll come across another character named Tungar, only this time locked behind several, sturdy doors that practically scream “Backtracking!”


Due to Ajna’s impulsive nature, she ends up demolishing the airborne structure’s power source, sending it hurtling towards the ground. The threat of certain destruction makes escaping the fortress as fast as possible all the more vital, and it’s easy to miss in the chaos that Indivisible eventually guides you back to the area where Tungar was imprisoned. By baiting a turret-like enemy into using its laser outside of battle, the several layers of security separating you from Tungar will be destroyed. Advance too far in the mission or defeat the turret enemy before utilizing its weaponry, however, and you’ll miss out on him, which is a shame because he’s an offensive juggernaut.

Tungar is a one-man wrecking crew
Gif: Indivisible via Kotaku

At first glance, Tungar doesn’t seem like much of a fighter, but his squat stature and old age belie the experience he brings to the table. His turban is actually a flexible, whip-like sword known as an urumi, a real-world weapon originating from what is now southern India and Sri Lanka. Tungar’s urumi gives him the ability to hit multiple targets at once—a rare quality in Indivisible party members—and extend combos, which grants the party additional energy to use on stronger attacks, similar to the super meters seen in various fighting games. It does take some time for his cooldowns to wear off, but the high damage Tungar is able to inflict on enemies has made him a key member of my party ever since.

Tungar’s strengths really come into play during an early boss battle against Indivisible’s big bad, Ravannavar. In order to damage Ravannavar, you must first lower his head by destroying the multiple neck segments that hold it high above the battlefield. Most allies are capable of performing just a few strikes at this point in the game, but with just one swipe of his urumi, Tungar instantly makes Ravannavar vulnerable to the rest of the party, allowing other heavy-hitters to get their licks in with ease.

Zebei, a character that gets recruited automatically in the same dungeon where Tungar is found, has access to similar multi-hit attacks that can also work in this situation, but his damage pales in comparison. Plus, he’s kind of a doofus, whereas Tungar is adorably gruff and talks shit to enemies and companions alike after every attack.

If you missed recruiting Tungar early on, never fear! He apparently survives the destruction of Ravannavar’s flying fortress and can be found in Tai Krung City further into the game. I highly recommend grabbing him at that first opportunity, though, as he’s continued to be a vital part of my main party during my time with Indivisible.