Don't Like How Your Game Looks In The Upcoming SimCity? Give It The Instagram Treatment.

One cool feature in Maxis' upcoming SimCity is the "filter" setting, which lets you view your city through all manner of lens. You can choose any of over a dozen filters, from soft-focus "warm" to a Sin City-like black and red, to "vintage," which will look familiar to most anyone who has endured used social media photo services over the last several years.

SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley is quite fond of the filters, and has posted a bunch of examples of them in action. Chris took those filters and put them into the video above, which shows you how they work. I could not approve of the soundtrack more. (Check out Chris' excellent SimCity Soundtrack Mixtape here.)


I spent a big chunk of time playing the game earlier this week, and will have a full preview next week. I did enjoy the filters, though I couldn't help but wish they were accompanied by a text-filter that put the game through Gizoogle.

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