Illustration for article titled Dont Hold Your Breath For Final Fantasy Versus XIII At E3

Now that Final Fantasy XIII has been released in Japan, the focus shifts to Final Fantasy Versus XIII. You might have to linger a little longer on Final Fantasy XIII.


The upcoming title is helmed by Kingdom Hearts designer and in-house character artist Tetsuya Nomura, who said in a recent interview with Japanese game magazine Famitsu, that "development is going well".

"We planned to show Versus to the public at E3," Nomura revealed, "but it's become an uncertain situation." Meaning that Versus at E3 is currently scratched in the sand and certainly not etched in stone.


Also in the interview, Nomura says he would like to release one Kingdom Hearts series title a year. This year has seen the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on the PSP, last year saw the release of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on the Nintendo DS and the year before that got Kingdom Hearts coded for mobile phones. How about just release Kingdom Hearts III and call it even?

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