Don't Click On Those Resident Evil Village Early Access Emails

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Image: Capcom

Lotta people want to play the game with the big lady! And scammers know this, so fake emails have been circulating inviting players to an early access beta which doesn’t actually exist. Enough emails that Capcom has sent out a warning email of its own.


I got this email earlier today from Capcom PR, saying that the “Early Access invitations” being sent out, “appear to be phishing attempts by an unauthorized third party. So if you get one, bin it.

Image: Capcom

The game’s out in May. They don’t need your testing. The only feedback Capcom needed about the game, they have already received.

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Is there some sort of unspoken code that every phisher followes or something? Every single phising email I’ve ever seen is always riddled spelling mistakes and nonsense phrasing. If they could get just one person who could make proper sentences, they’d surely get more people, right? I know complaining about the quality of phising emails I’m getting in 2021 is stupid, but it’s always something that’s stuck out to me.