Don't Call This New York Arcade an Art Exhibit

Is it art, or is at an arcade? Kunal Gupta, the co-creator of New York City's underground indie games exhibition explains why Babycastles is more arcade than art.

Stephen Totilo visited Babycastles back in October of last year, providing us with a brightly lit view of the exotic arcade cabinets created to showcase indie game creations. Now The Feast gives us a look at what the floor looks like when the lights go down and New York's nightlife filters in.


I've never been much of one for nightlife myself, but I could see that changing if I discovered something akin to Babycastles hidden somewhere in Atlanta.
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Check out Babycastles' Facebook page for location, hours, or just because you're curious.


Touring Babycastles, An Underground Indie Arcade in Queens [The Feast]

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