Donkey Kong Country Pre-order Bonuses Are Bananas

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Wii owners who have already earmarked funds for Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii may want to fork over some of that cash to GameStop, especially if they want to encase their Wii Remotes in banana pouches.


GameStop is offering the Wii-owning banana fan something cute and clever with which to dress up their Wii Remotes, which the retailer claims is a pre-order bonus exclusive to them. Far, far better than the current pre-order norm—beta access! downloadable skins!—Donkey Kong Country Returns banana pouches are likely in limited supply.

Donkey Kong Country Returns arrives in North America on November 21.

Donkey Kong Country Returns - with Bonus! [GameStop - thanks, M0squ1t0!]

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I just don't see the apeel of these.