Does The World Really Need A Wireless Graphics Card?

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It would seem the answer is a tentative "yes", with the release of the KFA2 GeForce GTX460 graphics card.


Those spindly extensions are wi-fi antennas, meaning the card can transmit its video signal over thin air. Why, you may ask, would I want to do that? The thinking is that it lets people separate their monitors from their computers, so all you need to work is a screen and a mouse/keyboard, and not the whole kit and kaboodle.

While that may sound a bit stupid, there are a few scenarios where it'd come in handy. Like a media centre rig where you don't have enough power outlets for a TV setup (along with consoles and sound) and a PC. Or if you want a monitor somewhere you wouldn't want a computer lying around, like the kitchen or a workshop.


KFA2 [Nvidia]

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A cool idea I suppose, though if I really want to have a monitor away from my desktop in places like the kitchen, why not just have a laptop?

If space and mobility is what you are after, a laptop just makes more sense.

Plus its not like you are going to be doing any kind of hardcore gaming while standing at your kitchen counter, so thats not even an excuse.

If it lets be broadcast to my TV that would be nice, grabbing the HDMI cable is a minor annoyance sometimes.

Interesting idea, not a game changer, i'll wait until its standard on all cards in the magical future or something.