Does Gaming Make You More Productive?

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PC World Business Center has an interesting article up about gaming in the workplace that looks at the way some companies are using games as team building tools, rewards and incentives.


As well as the expected 'bonding' (e.g. using America's Army to learn about teamwork) one company issues staff with tokens for performing their jobs that can be exchanged for time playing videogames. Personally, in these uncertain times, I would prefer money. Perhaps that's just me.

At Kotaku towers, of course, we are the exceptions that may prove the rule. Our jobs here involve a lot of gaming and the systematic absorption of gaming culture via machines like the ones they use in A Clockwork Orange. You could probably issue us with tokens that we could exchange for some time operating a photocopier or doing some filing.

How about you lot? Does a bit of causal gaming help you through the working day? Can you sharpen your boardroom skills in a first person shooter? Answers in the comments, if you please.

Does Gaming at Work Improve Productivity? [PC World]


Heck no. If i had no GF then my social life would be severely lacking. I find game to be a good but fairly innocent hobby and attribute to saving me in my life, however corny that sounds. This is because many of my old friends have now turned to constant drinking and drug taking as well as dropping out of college, in a way i attribute gaming to have prevented me from following them however sad that is.