Does Capcom Have Nintendo 3DS Release Plans For This Year?

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At this year's E3 gaming expo, Capcom showed off two still-in-development Nintendo 3DS games: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and the tentatively titled Resident Evil: Revelations. Don't look for them to be hitting your local game shop anytime soon, though.


At a recent investors meeting, Capcom was asked whether it planned to release any Nintendo 3DS games during the financial year ending next April. Capcom stated it did "not expect" those 3DS titles to be ready for release during this fiscal year.

When pressed further about when Capcom will release Nintendo 3DS games, the company replied that it had not yet set any dates.


Capcom will be using its in-house game engine "MT Framework", which it uses for console and PC titles, to develop Nintendo 3DS games. "By employing our original game development engine the 'MT Framework'," Capcom stated, "we are able to streamline the basic development processes with those for other consoles. Thus we don't really expect to see a dramatic rise in costs."

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I can see the 3DS being a bit of a flop.

1. Its going to be really expensive, I don't care what anyone says it's 3d technology, without glasses and on portable high-definition device. Three reasons why this is going to be expensive and out of a lot of peoples reach upon release.

2. So far all I have seen are games I have already played on other platforms (-kid Icarus, that looked awesome), and like the PSP why play the same game again when it is probably going to be a stripped back version.

Initially I wanted 3 reasons but the last ones all sounded like I was arguing for the sake of it. Don't get me wrong I want one, its just that I think it will be a while before there's anything good for it or before I can realistically buy one like I can with a DS Lite or DSi.