Anyone who saw Back to the Future II came out of the theater wishing they had a hoverboard. One day, we told ourselves. One day hoverboards would become a reality. Is that day today? Well, no.

This video may scream "fake viral campaign!" in a dozen different ways, but it's still awfully fun, from the solid visual effects to the celebrity appearances. (Hi Doc Brown!)


The ad proports to be for HUVrTech, whose website doesn't immediately betray what, precisely, they're actually all about. The site shows a "destination date" of December 2014, so maybe we'll learn more then.

They've also made a video explaining how the technology works:

"I have no idea how it works," says noted musician Moby. "I'm baffled by the technology. But then again I'm baffled by most technology." Sure, Moby. If you say so.


[Thanks to reader Wes for the heads-up.]

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