Do Your July 4th Resolutions Yet?

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Is It A Girl Or A Boy? It Is......


We had a patriotic if abbreviated weekend here in the Tower. Some publishing glitches and such but that's getting to be par for the course now. I did my July 4 resolutions last night (in which I revisit the New Year's Resolutions I never kept) and have decided I'm gonna start and end each day with 30 pushups. Plus, no more eating directly from the fridge. Everything I eat has to go on a plate. I'll let you know how all this goes. I'm a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner.

Oh, for gamers in the Bay Area, there will be a comedy showcase this coming Saturday custom fit to gamers' perspective. It's being emceed by Jeff Reitman, a pal of mine from the San Francisco Comedy College, and will feature a lineup of comedians who have worked in the games industry. You can get tickets online, and if you use the Konami code (UUDDLRLRBA) in the coupon code field, they cost $10 instead of $12. The show is on the 5th floor of 414 Mason St in San Francisco, and I'm going to be there (but not performing).

Finally, I should point out that when things got a little wacky in the comments of yesterday's Bourne Conspiracy impressions, I challenged InsidiousTuna to find a clip of the Chuck E. Cheese Rock-afire Explosion band jamming to "Smell Yo Dick" by Riskay. Tuna couldn't produce that, but he did find a wonderful Sims 2 mashup of the song, featuring the titular girlfriend olfactory inspection of the genital area (and, from what I can tell, some retaliatory dutch-ovening). I put it after the jump, just to be safe.

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As a YouTube commenter in a Lion King Smell Yo Dick mash-up put it (yes, and they also have an Ed, Edd & Eddy Smell Yo Dick version): "Oh no. You found out I was fucking another girl by smelling my penis after begging frantically. How dignified of you." Quoted for truth.




How can this even be considered culture?