Do you work in the video game industry? Want to talk (anonymously) about layoffs? Whether you're a developer sick of the job instability or a publisher who has had to let good people go, we want to chat. Hit me up.


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Yes, let's encourage snitching even more so the corporates crack down on the lesser people EVEN more. Do you know what happens when someone complains or whistleblows about management or higher ups and it becomes a known issue? It gets taken out on the guys at the bottom. Rarely anything changes(look at Walmart) and things get even harsher all for someone to get something off their chest.

It's not worth the drama and the bs to make all problems public, it just isn't. If you're being treated unfairly because of your race, religion, sexual orientation and other similar factors by all means, burn the building down and make some noise. But if your boss is an asshole and you feel "overworked"(like no one else is in the industry?) or that you have some grudge against someone for whatever reason, keep it private. Work through it on your own and if you ABSOLUTELY need to make a public issue out of it, do it as a last resort. Not because you had a bad day.