Do You Strive For Gamerscore Completion?

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An interesting feature over at Gamasutra looks at the percentage of players who actually achieve a perfect Gamerscore in popular Xbox Live titles. Do you play until the last point is awarded?


Gamasutra acquired data on the top 13 Xbox Live Games for 2008 from Microsoft Game Studios user research expert Bruce Phillips, which he gathered to explore the problem of why people stop playing games. The data was culled from a selection of 14,000 Xbox Live players, and the list of games are generally those that attract the more hardcore crowd. If that is the case, then why are more than 50% of them stopping playing before earning all of their Gamerscore points?

As far as MGS is concerned, this is a serious issue. Players are quitting the game without striving to explore everything. Another chart in the article tracks games that dole out achievements for simply finishing the single-player game, and the numbers are much higher for most titles, but again that speaks volumes. Players are playing through a game without exploring, or attempting to achieve more. It could be an issue of frustration, boredom, distraction, or just plain laziness.


You can read more on the data by following the link below. What I want to know is, how many of you actually go out of your way to score achievement points?

Xbox Live Gamerscore, Completion Stats Show Major Trends [Gamasutra]

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Dr. Tobias Funke (Analrapist)

I consider myself somewhat of a trophy whore - let me rephrase that - a SINGLE PLAYER trophy whore. I love trying to obtain every single ounce of data the developers can throw at me, even the ridiculous ones like getting 100% on GTAIV (twice, mind you, once before the trophy patch and once after - believe me, finding all the pigeons TWICE sucked anus). The multiplayer trophies are typically so ridiculous to get, I give up on them. I'm slowly getting through them on Resistance 2, but leveling up your guy to level 20 takes a good 40 hours or so on top of everything else. GTAIV's multiplayer - well, by the time I beat the damn game 100% twice, I didn't feel like playing anymore. That's why I appreciate Uncharted 2's trophies - there are only two multiplayer trophies and they're easy as pie to get.

To me, trophies/achievements are ways that I can get a "fuller" experience from a game - or at least complete the developers challanges. This usually requires me to do things that I normally wouldn't think of doing at first, but may find it useful (killing 20 people with a nade while hanging, etc.) They are nice bonuses and a "gauge" of how completely I complete the game.

Now I have to fix the problem of only playing the games that DO have trophies, instead of the other good games that are out there. I've gotten it so engrained in my head that I have to get 100% of the trophies that I haven't beaten MGS4 yet (still holding out for that trophy patch ;-)) #gamerscore