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Do You Love Dirt Enough To Spend $300 On It?

Illustration for article titled Do You Love emDirt/em Enough To Spend $300 On It?

You know, ridiculously expensive collectors editions have their place. There are certain franchises where there are enough loyal fans around who will spend hundreds on a box full of crap. I do not think Dirt is one of those franchises.


That's not to say I think it's a bad franchise! Dirt 2 is one of the best racers around, especially if you can grab it on PC. But it just...doesn't seem like the kind of series that has legions of people going, "Yeah, I love this stuff SO DAMN MUCH I'm going to spend THREE HUNDRED BUCKS on it!"

If you are, though, get a look at this! It's a version of the upcoming racer being offered by GameStop that is listed at $299.99. For that price, you get two things: a copy of Dirt 3 and a remote control car.


With Dirt 3 going for $60 on its own, that's an extra $240 for the remote control car. That's, uh, a ton of money. I hope it makes your coffee in the morning for that kind of money.

Of course, this being a GameStop listing there's no guarantee it'll actually cost that much, so we're checking with the publishers just to be sure.

Dirt 3 with Ken Block Gymkhana RC Car Bundle [GameStop, via VG247]

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John Kauderer

Dirt 2 had the unique blend of perhaps the fastest and most fun feeling driving model coupled with the world's worst list of cars.

I am pretty sure the only people that drive z3s in real life were either given one as a present or they work for BMW. having a z3 beat an EVO? Blasphemy. Also not really knowing anything about Rally racing and releasing a game with only two real rally cars, both of which would quit the WRC season before the game comes out, doesn't bode well for success. Don't get me started on the Eclipse and the friggen sunfire.

I seriously hope whoever greenlit that abysmal car list now works at a donut shop.

I've got it... what if we made a game.... that appeals to no one? Brilliant! I love it. *british voice*

hopefully codies learned their lesson with F1 2010.