Do You Love Dirt Enough To Spend $300 On It?

You know, ridiculously expensive collectors editions have their place. There are certain franchises where there are enough loyal fans around who will spend hundreds on a box full of crap. I do not think Dirt is one of those franchises.

That's not to say I think it's a bad franchise! Dirt 2 is one of the best racers around, especially if you can grab it on PC. But it just...doesn't seem like the kind of series that has legions of people going, "Yeah, I love this stuff SO DAMN MUCH I'm going to spend THREE HUNDRED BUCKS on it!"


If you are, though, get a look at this! It's a version of the upcoming racer being offered by GameStop that is listed at $299.99. For that price, you get two things: a copy of Dirt 3 and a remote control car.

With Dirt 3 going for $60 on its own, that's an extra $240 for the remote control car. That's, uh, a ton of money. I hope it makes your coffee in the morning for that kind of money.

Of course, this being a GameStop listing there's no guarantee it'll actually cost that much, so we're checking with the publishers just to be sure.

Dirt 3 with Ken Block Gymkhana RC Car Bundle [GameStop, via VG247]

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