Do You Live in South Korea? Do You Like Video Games? Write about Them!

Well, why not write about them! Kotaku is currently fielding applications for South Korea-based part-time work. [More details here.]


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I'm thinking Ashcraft will become a sort of Super Editor or a Super manager for all things Asia gaming and he will be coordinating with the one coming from China and the one who will be for South Korea.

I used to work in a Korean company where I always joke to my colleagues telling them that the reason why we don't see the CEO that much was because he was playing Starcraft in his room. Or sometimes when there's big news in Korea such as when the North bombarded some South islands, the Koreans in the office got awry. And Lord knows the comments I made that time are sooo below the belt. But whatever. They haven't heard, and I apologized to those who heard it. lol. I don't even know why I started writing something that is non on-topic. Sorry! xD