Do You Know What Today Is? Do You?

To: Crecente From: Bash RE: Me, Myself and Iphone 3G That was the first thing I was asked when I finally woke up (meaning, after I ate breakfast and showered). Today, Mrs. Bashcraft tells me, is Pocky day. November 11. 11/11. Shaped like Pocky. Geddit? (Note: It could also be considered Pretz day as well, but whatever.) For those not familiar with Pockey (pronounced "Po-key", not "Pock-key" like Crecente mangles it), it's a stick-like chocolate snack from Osaka candy maker Glico. Here is the official site. I've also posted a clip after the jump. When my kid got home from school from a day of learning and playing, the first thing he asked: Do you know what today is? What you missed last night And The Five Best-Selling Games In The WORLD Are... Persona 4 Makes It Personal MotorStorm's Target Render "Pissed Us Off A Lot" Say Devs WoW Prepares For Lich King With In-Game Siege GameTrailers Editors Rail On ESRB Over Fallout 3 Fallout Bethesda Censors Fallout 3 for Japan

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