​Do You Have Faith In VR?

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We stand at the precipice of a new age: The age of the VR headset. Or at least, that's what the people making VR would love for you to believe.

From exciting previews to Facebook acquisitions dramatic lawsuits and heartwarming stories, there's no denying that virtual reality has become one of the main topics du jour. But are you guys true believers, or are you skeptical? Whether or not you've tried VR for yourself, the people making it have had plenty of time by now to convince you (or fail to convince you) that it's cool.


Only one way to decide: Reader poll. For this poll, "faith" means: Do you think VR will be a long-lasting, real thing? Will it be the sort of thing that everyone buys one day? Are we heading for Ready Player One, or is this all just so much hype and hogwash?

Vote away:

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Anyone voting "1" is likely stuck with a XBone or a Wii-U, the two modern devices that aren't getting a VR headset.