Do We Really Need Credits On A Game Box?

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Well, do we? The question's come up a bit recently, prompted by comments from guys like EA boss John Riccitellio and David Jaffe. While exploring the idea, MTV have posted a few pics of what they think game boxes could look like with developer credits on them. The results are...crude, which they admit, but also a little off the mark. The idea of putting credits on a game box obviously stems from movies, where DVDs have credits. Thing is, DVD credits are on the back of the box, where they don't clutter up the cover art. Shift those credits to the back of a game box - you can remove bullshit bullet points to make room - and we might just be on the right track! If Video Game Boxes Gave Credit, They'd Look Like This… [MTV]


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Stephen Totilo

@SAB-CA: No, we didn't nail it on the first try, but, really, we're not trying to be great graphic designers. We're trying to explore an issue we'd covered in different ways for quite some time.

We'd run an interview with John Riccitiello in which he and I spoke about whether it makes sense to put developer credits on boxes (he's not that into it).

I've also heard people say there's no room for names on boxes. We wanted to test that theory by trying a few approaches on some significant games. Part of what the mock-ups are designed to present is the selection of names. We're not just hoping people talk about WHERE the credits go but also WHO gets credited. Check out the examples again and toss some of that around. Like you'll see we toyed with crediting lead voice actors on boxes in addition to lead designers, art and sound people.

I believe the Kotaku version you like is a fan-made edition Luke found online and "borrowed" for this post. Without giving credit, ironically. For shame, Mr. Plunkett! (Unless, Luke, you're the guy who sent it to us too? His name was Luke after all)