DMC: Devil May Cry Features A Not-So-Sexy Version Of A Famous Demon

Illustration for article titled emDMC: Devil May Cry/em Features A Not-So-Sexy Version Of A Famous Demon
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The DMC: Devil May Cry trailer from E3 showed a hack-and-slash action game set in a dark world where demons/devils control society through media and products. In the game, the main character, Dante, joins forces with an Anonymous-like group called The Order to fight against the demonic rulers. Anyone who played the demo, got to fight one such ruler: The disgusting creature above. But, do you know what its name is?


Apparently, the multi-armed, venom-spewing, wall-crawler is called a Succubus. According to information released, the Succubus is a thousand-year-old demon that protects a factory that produces Virility, a highly addictive drink in the demon-ruled world that probably tastes like canned Soylent Green. (Actually according to participants of Capcom's private show, CAPTIVATE, this past April, it's more of a Muscat flavored sports drink) Dante must defeat the Succubus to save all the people addicted to Virility.

According to folklore, succubi are attractive female demons that seduce men while they sleep. Succubi have appeared in stories and numerous games in the past. In fact, Capcom's own Darkstalkers series features the succubus character, Morrigan, quite prominantly. I'm not sure what interpretation of folklore the developers at Ninja Theory are using, but I don't really see this thing successfully seducing me in my dreams. It seems more likely to show up in my nightmares…


DMC: Devil May Cry is scheduled for release in January, 2013.

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This succubus design is continuing to make me think that Ninja Theory is targeting a different audience besides the original Devil May Cry fans.