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DJMax Is Reborn On PS4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After several years of silence, legendary rhythm action game DJMax returns, making its console debut as DJMax Respect for the PlayStation 4. Fans who’d rather not wait for the Western or Japanese release can snag the Asian version (with full English menus) right now.

After years of playing on PSP, Vita and mobile devices, DJMax is finally on a video game console, thanks to a collaboration between Rocky Studio and the DJMax Sound Lab Team. Respect launches with 106 songs from DJMax Portable and Portable 2, along with 40 completely new tracks, with plans to release additional songs from just about every DJMax game ever made as downloadable content.


I grabbed a copy of the game via the Hong Kong PlayStation Network account I set up for just such purposes. The menus are all in English, the music is, as always, varied and exceptional, and the higher difficulty levels are brutal.

My favorite part of the game so far is the opening. DJMax Respect’s animated intro brilliantly capture the feeling of returning to one of my favorite series after a three year hiatus following several mobile releases.

It’s so nice to have DJMax back, and in such a pretty place.

DJMax Respect is out now for PlayStation 4 in Southeast Asian, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. The Japanese version is scheduled for later this year, with European and North American versions planned.