DJ Oakenfold Grabs A Gander At DJ Hero

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We often hear from insiders that a still-in-development game is good, only to discover later that it's not so much. So it was nice to hear the other day that DJ Hero, which certainly sounds to have potential, got an unofficial thumbs-up from celebrity DJ Paul Oakenfold who apparently loved the game. While he isn't officially involved, I wouldn't be surprised if and when the game hits that he gets involved in some way, even if it's to just help promote it. First DJ Hero Details Turntable Controller, Mash-Ups, Guitar Coop [Kotaku]



If Tiesto's in, I'm out.

Despite all this, I'm pretty pumped for this game. There was too much piano playing and not enough actual scratching in the Beatmania games; the controller for DJ Hero looks solid, and I've heard that the game focus will be on mashups.