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Target and Activision have teamed up to plaster Martin Truex Jr.'s No. 1 Chevrolet with giant DJ Hero logos at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in North Carolina this Saturday.

It's DJ Hero day at North Carolina's Lowe's Motor Speedway this weekend, as Target and Activision bring together DJ Hero and NASCAR fans for a day full of scratching and racing, which sounds like any other NASCAR event, now that I think about it. This time around the scratching will be done on DJ Hero controllers located at The Fan Midway across the street from the track, where kiosks will be running DJ Hero all day long.


Along with wrapping his car in video game advertisements, Truex Jr. will also be appearing at The Fan Midway between 3:30 and 4:00pm to try his hand at the DJ rhythm game, no doubt some sort of contractual obligation of sorts that should result in an awkward 30 minutes of entertainment, at the very least.

"Playing videogames has always been a favorite activity of mine, and I can't wait to get my hands on DJ Hero," said Martin Truex, Jr. "We've had some great partners on our Chevy this year, including two of Activision's biggest hits, Guitar Hero Smash Hits and Guitar Hero 5. They were both awesome, but I've really been waiting on DJ Hero to hit the shelves. I know NASCAR fans are going to love both the game and our car. Target and Activision have really helped to give my Chevrolet an awesome new look that is sure to turn some heads!"

For those of you scratching your heads, trying to figure out some connection between NASCAR and DJ Hero to help make the announcement go down a little smoother, realize that both go round and round and make noise. You're welcome.

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