DJ Hero DLC Is A Tad Bit Pricey

DJ Hero is barely out the door and already there are new downloadable tracks, with 50 Cent, Queen, Gorillaz, and Public Enemy hitting Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network today - for $3.00 apiece.

DJ Hero developer FreeStyleGames' Chris Lee gave IGN the skinny on the first round of DJ Hero DLC, revealing a price point that might very well stay players' hands. The first two new tracks - 50 Cent (featuring Mary J. Blige) mixed with Queen's "Radio Ga Ga" and Gorrilaz' "Dare" mashed with "Can't Truss It" by Public Enemy - will be hitting Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network today in the form of a two-pack costing 480 Microsoft points, or $5.99. The new tracks will be showing up later on the Wii for 300 Wii points apiece.


Lee explains why DJ Hero tracks cost a dollar more than Rock Band or Guitar Hero tracks:

There's additional work in the creation process of the DJ Hero DLC – licensing multiple pieces of content and bringing in a professional DJ to mix the tracks – that brings the price to 300 Wii Points for the mixes individually; 480 Microsoft Points or $5.99 in the PlayStation Store for Extended Mix Pack 01.

While I can certainly understand the reasoning, I still can't see myself paying $3.00 a track. I'm fine with the 93 I already have, thanks.

Future DLC includes a three-pack of songs from David Guetta, including remixes of "Sexy Bitch," "On The Dance Floor," and "When Love Takes Over." That pack is due out on November 24th for 640 Microsoft points or $7.99, while the Wii tracks will still be sold individually at 300 points a pop.


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