DJ Hero 2 Preorder Bonuses Abound

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Who wants a Puma-branded DJ Hero 2 carrying bag? How about a hard shell turntable case stand, or a copy of the original DJ Hero? Where you pay decides what you'll be playing with when DJ Hero launches October 19.

If you're planning on sticking with the original DJ Hero deck and just picking up a copy of the DJ Hero game, don't to get much in return. has MP3 downloads of Deadmau5 and Kaskade's exclusive remixes of "I Remember" and "Move for Me" on offer, and Best Buy will give you early access to a playable Deadmau5, but that's about it.

No, the real swag comes when you purchase either the turntable game bundle for $99 or the $149 party pack, with two turntables and a microphone.


Picking up either of those at GameStop scores you that sweet Puma carrying case, which we're told carries a suggested retail price of $45.

Best Buy customers picking up the party pack or turntable bundle will score a hard case that transforms into a turntable stand, much like the one that came out with the ultimate edition of the original game.

Wal-Mart might have the best deal, offering Xbox 360 and Wii owners who grab the more expensive versions a free copy of the original game, bringing the total track list up to more than 170 songs.

And if none of those are good enough, you can always pick up one of DJ Deadmau5's personalized bundles, packed with a bag, a t-shirt, a silicon wristband, and a collectible figure.


So who's getting which version? Are any of you even picking up DJ Hero 2?

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Setzer IIDX

Any word on being able to download the tracks from DJHero 1 to DJHero 2?