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They say that pride goes before a fall. One Divinity: Original Sin 2 player decided to interpret the saying literally, killing jerk boss Bishop Alexander by having a plethora of paintings of himself—the surest sign of hubris—fall on his head until he died.

In Original Sin 2, there are paintings of various characters scattered around the world. Most players snatch them off the walls and sell them, because art thievery is a lucrative profession that complements existence-saving heroism surprisingly well. Ryan N, however, had the strange idea to collect every painting he could find of Bishop Alexander, lug them into the boss fight at the end of the game’s first act, and throw them at Alexander until either the paintings broke or he did. Spoiler: it worked.

Alexander put up a valiant effort against the small army of man-sized engravings of his own face, breaking all except one with his impressively thick skull. Ultimately, however, he faltered before the final painting did.


That’s not the end of Ryan N’s paintscapades. He’s also creatively arranged them to block doors so that enemies can’t stream in during tough fights, which is a strategy I really wish I thought of during my first playthrough of the game. Painters might doodle out pretty pictures, but Ryan N uses paintings to make art.

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