Divinity II Demo Out Now

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Between now and Friday, I'm loading up on every free or borrowed video game-related thing I can to keep me from going out and buying anything before Christmas. The Divinity II demo fills the bill nicely.

The demo of Divinity II: Ego Draconis is on Xbox Live and out for PC download today. It gives players the chance to try out some of that non-Witcher morality I was talking about in my preview — like Mindreading — as well as a look at the skill trees. Sadly I don't think you get to sample the dragon gameplay. But it sounds like you might get to fight one at least.


Check it out on XBLA or get the PC demo from one of these mirrors:

- FilePlanet
- Big Download
- Spawnpoint
- Atomic Gamer
- Extreme Players

In the meantime, anybody else got any suggestions for my not-going-out-shopping entertainment? I borrowed a copy of Assassin's Creed II, I've got the Divinity II trailer queued for download and I finally have time on a long airplane ride to Texas for Scribblenauts.

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There are also a lot of mirrors on Gamer's Hell for the US, UK, German and French PC demos. 1.77Gb worth...