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Dissidia, White Knight Keep Sony's Japanese Hardware Sales Up

Illustration for article titled Dissidia, White Knight Keep Sonys Japanese Hardware Sales Up

Japan's best-selling Dissidia: Final Fantasy helped the PSP outsell the Wii this week, even though it couldn't muster enough sales to dethrone the Nintendo DSi. Also seeing a big boost was the PlayStation 3.


It even outsold the Nintendo DS Lite, still going strong in Japan to the tune of almost 50,000 handhelds sold per week. With recent PS3 releases also showing up the Media Create software sales charts — Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III and World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009 — we'd almost think Japanese gamers were starting to come around to gaming in 4D!

The hardware race for the week of December 29th to January 4th ended like so.

• Nintendo DSi - 182,518
• PSP - 157,088
• Wii - 119,965
• PlayStation 3 - 60,654
• Nintendo DS - 48,160
• Xbox 360 - 19,694
• PlayStation 2 - 12,548

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Shouldn't the wii pie slice be Nintendo colored?