Dissidia Script Is "Double The Length" Of Crisis Core: FFVII's

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Square Enix's upcoming PSP "action RPG" Dissidia: Final Fantasy features heroes and villians from Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X. Epic stuff! The game does look and sound big for a PSP title. But just how big? Says the game's senior director Takeshi Arakawa:

Mr. Nomura [the game's character designer, pictured] has been at all the voice recordings, and the script is double the length ofCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Sure sounds like Square Enix is making a AAA PSP title. Good for Square Enix. Good for PSP owners.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Interview [Forever Fantasy via PSP Fanboy]

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Tim Rogers

@Azures: "

Feel free not to play this, we don't care.

Other than that, this game will be awesome. What the hell is wrong with fan service? You think they're making this game because they think people won't buy it?

If you don't want it, you are in the minority. Enjoy."

I'm not sure if that was directed at me or not, though hey, I'll pretend it was!

1. I will play this game, whether you care or not! And I will delight in hating it, if I do hate it, and I will delight in enjoying it, if I do enjoy it!

2. Fan-service is, indeed, not a bad idea — it makes money! I am, however, convinced that this game's story will be a bunch of ham-handed shit with oodles of long explanatory dialogue scenes wherein the camera pans around two otherwise interesting-looking and recognizable characters from completely different games as they meticulously discuss the reasons for their being in the same place at the same time. I am also convinced that the game itself will be complete shit, mostly because they're getting a bunch of people who have never made a fighting game or even a decent action game to put it together.

I would love a proper Final Fantasy Fighting Game, and I've been saying for years that Namco should just ditch the Soul Calibur characters, sign a deal with Square, and make Soul Calibur an all-Final-Fantasy fighting game. Soul Calibur, at least, has a semblance of substance; I'm pretty sure this game will just be Kingdom Hearts for Two Players, where you press either the "Awesome Button" or the "Yay Button" over and over again: if you press the Awesome Button and your opponent presses the Yay Button, you win!

The point of fact is that there will never be a Truly Awesome Final Fantasy Fighting Game (think of the background stage / soundtrack remix / weapon customization / quest mode possibilities!), because the Japanese Games Industry is Deathly Afraid of Satisfying Everyone. Seriously. I've seen the secret spreadsheets that run the industry; they distinctly prohibit games makers from making one game that everyone would be content with for the rest of their lives.

3. If I don't want it, I'm in the minority? Last I checked, there are six billion people in this world, kid! If this game goes on to sell three billion and one copies, you come back here, and I'll gladly bow down before you. Otherwise, you owe me an ice-cold Coca-Cola Zero!

Re: Kefka and Terra:

Now that I think about it, Terra and Kefka might not be in it after all: they might be reading this very comments thread, considering which characters to leave out until the sequel!