DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy Half Done

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DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy? 50 percent done. So says the game's character designer Tetsuya Nomura in the upcoming issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise as only half the cast has been revealed. That, and Square Enix does like to take its sweet time putting out its games. There's no rush, we guess.

Dissidia Final Fantasy [Videogamerx via PSP Hyper via PSP Fanboy]

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Nightshift Nurse

@JustThisGuy: First of all, I disagree about Ehrgeiz being shallow. While it may lack the depth of Tekken or Soul Calibur, it's easily one of the more solid and technically spectacular 3D fighting games to come out of the 32-bit era. (And incidentally was already doing what Power Stone later perfected.) As far as Square not having a great track record with fighting games goes, Tobal and Bushido Blade would both like a word.

Secondly, while I'll admit that several of the main protagonists designed by Nomura (Sion, Sora, Tidus, Neku) are quite similar, overall his characters in Final Fantasy are extremely varied from one entry to the next. I think the big problem with Kingdom Hearts is that the original character designs just aren't very good, and Nomura compensated for that with completely over-the-top styling. As far as The World Ends With You is concerned, the same approach actually works given the whole fashion victim angle of the game.

I've never really bought the whole "effeminate" complaint simply because of how it's so exclusively applied to his work. People will complain bitterly about Nomura's manboys while putting up with Link, Dante, Ukyo from Samurai Shodown, Kefka, both of Team Ico's protagonists, etc., etc., etc...

It seems that when it comes to pointing fingers about femininity, most individuals are fairly selective in their claims and overlook the multitudes of other male characters that possess this same perceived quality.

One thing I don't get is how some can go ga-ga for the positively androgynous designs of Amano and still single out Nomura's for being too girly. Pot, I'd like you to meet Kettle.

And while I'm not levying my above criticisms specifically at you, I will say that you're using a few very specific examples to try and paint his work as being entirely too samey, which simply isn't true.

As a side, I also think many individuals (though obviously not you) are unable to differentiate recognition of prolific designer's style with a feeling that all of their work is "exactly the same".