Disney's Haunted Mansion Recreated, Blown Up In Counter-Strike: Source

Color me horribly late to this party — this clips is almost a month(!) old — but seeing the Haunted Mansion from Disney World and Disney Land so accurately recreated in Counter-Strike: Source initiates my post reflex. The map, de_haunts, looks nigh unplayable, but I suppose I'll find that out for myself later tonight. The map is part of a Halloween themed pack that includes nods to Silent Hill and F.E.A.R.. Must download now! The www.joe.to forums Halloween 2008 mappack [NIPPER Maps]


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So accurate it took me right back to that haunted mansion. I haven't been there for two decades and this brought it all back to vivid life. Right down to memories of the cart I was in breaking down where the zombie/ghosts pop up from the gravestones and we had to keep seeing them pop up and screaming. Amazing (the video, not getting stuck in a cart with the screaming undead).