Disney Villains Get Together For Some Evil Scheming

How much cheating do you think happens during a card game involving Hades, Jafar, The Queen of Hearts, Cruella, Maleficent, Captain Hook, and Ursulla? Everyone must have aces up their sleeves!

At the very least, when so many Disney villains get together, there's gotta be some evil plotting going on, right? Or maybe they gossip about pesky princesses?


Who knows. What I do know is, this cosplay—which was posted online by busanpanda—is excellent. And yes, there are more pictures:

[Photo: Rato]


[Photo: Ato]

The cosplayers, in case you're curious:

라토 / Rato - Ursula worldcosplay.net/member/M_rato

안결 / ATO - Cruella worldcosplay.net/member/cospla…

버트 / ButT - Hades worldcosplay.net/member/kanon5…

댄 / Dan - Jafar worldcosplay.net/member/dan

모자 / Moza - Hook worldcosplay.net/member/40808

와이즈 / Wise - Maleficent worldcosplay.net/member/wise

대니엘 / Danielle - Queen of Hearts (me) worldcosplay.net/member/daniel…

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