These were exactly the sort of experiences I was hoping to see Disney Infinity deliver. When they announced there would be no new installment of the series this year in favor of creating new experiences with what the developers already had available, I was genuinely excited.


Alas, it looks like it was too little, too late.

Despite strong early sales (largely due to Star Wars fever), Disney Infinity 3.0 sales were a disappointment to Disney, especially compared to the returns seen from Star Wars: Battlefront, a licensed game the company was not directly publishing. From Disney’s first quarter 2016 fiscal report:

At Games, growth was due to higher licensing revenue from the success of Star Wars: Battlefront, partially offset by lower Disney Infinity results. The decrease from Disney Infinity was due to higher inventory reserves and lower unit sales volume.


The outlook was grim back in February. Then again it was also grim for Activision’s Skylanders. Superchargers, the most recent release, was cited for lower than expected sales in the company’s 2015 investor report. Despite disappointing sales, the same report also announced a new game coming in 2016 and an animated series starting in the fall. The latest entry into the toys-to-life category, LEGO Dimensions, just finished releasing its first year’s worth of toy-based content, with plans to announce more soon.


Skylanders might not have the character recognition Disney Infinity had, and LEGO Dimensions might not have had three years to build up a fan base, but both soldier on in 2016. I can’t help but think those games’ strong gaming backbone made a big difference.

I will miss Disney Infinity, and I feel awful about the closure of Avalanche Software, but I’m hopeful that the end of Disney Infinity can be the beginning of something much better.