Disney Infinity Exclusives Are Here To Ruin Everything

Check out Lightning McQueen from Toys'R'Us' Infinite Crystal Series of exclusive toys for Disney Infinity. This is going to make your children completely unbearable.

Well, more unbearable.

Like the Toys'R'Us exclusive Legendary series of Skylanders toys, the Infinite Crystal series sounds like its going to be the start of a whole line of clear versions of the normal Disney Infinity toys.


But Disney Infinity and Toys'R'Us are taking exclusives to the next level here. Not only does this Lightning McQueen get a special paint job in the game, he also earns bonus experience points and health. Not fair, mom!

On top of that, there'll be a special area in-game for displaying your Infinite Crystal toys, which is just obnoxious.

Give it a couple months and gangs of roving Skylanders and Infinity-seeking parents will be tearing each other apart in the Toys'R'Us aisles.


Disney Infinity launches August 18. Toys'R'Us is opening at 8AM for the occasion.

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