You can find your own rhythm as you play through each of these missions: you might prefer to teleport between rooftops and incapacitate enemies, dying intentionally every time you get caught. Or maybe you like to slow down time and blast your way through each mission, gassing the occasional textile mill and murdering a black-market shopkeep every once in a while.


If you like your rhythm interrupted by the occasional strange glitch or total crash, you're totally in luck. (It's a bit buggy. Save often.)

Brigmore Witches is ostensibly about Daud's journey, yes, but if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself far more enticed by the little details that make this city continue to impress, mission after mission. Play this DLC not to find out whether Corvo kills Daud, but to meet the creepy Dressmaker, and to find out who's really running the Hatters, and to gobble up every bit of optional detail and lore you can find.


The worst thing I can say about Brigmore Witches is that, as Dishonored's final piece of DLC, this is the last we might see of Dunwall—unless Dishonored's inevitable sequel takes us back to this fascinating city. She will be missed.

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