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Dishonored’s Rat Assassination iPhone Game Reminds Me That I’m Surrounded by Rodents at All Times

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let's not beat around the bush: Dishonored's iOS spinoff game owes a whole lot to Fruit Ninja, with a few clever tweaks. There's on big difference, though. At the end of a game of Fruit Ninja, you may feel like getting a smoothie. At the end of Rat Assassin, you may feel like throwing up.

I've lived in or around New York City my entire life. That means seeing giant, abnormally large rats in the subways (and sometimes above ground) for much of that time. It also includes a few apartments that had problems with mice. I'm not deathly afraid of the things. The problem with glue traps and other rodent deterrents is that they don't always kill the furry pests. Sometimes that task was left to me. I hated it.


Rat Assassin reminds me of having to take a box-cutter to a mouse's neck so it doesn't shake itself free from a glue trap and come back to exact revenge. Which I've done. Seeing the insides of the rats that I'm slicing up in Rat Assassin is a gorier experience than any of my real life mouse encounters. If you like that kind of thing, then go ahead and download the free app (built for iPhone but plays on iPad) for your iOS device. Me? I think, I'm done.