Two vastly different, perhaps equally great games hit store shelves tomorrow, October 9th. And we've reviewed both.

Dishonored: The Kotaku Review

I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the pitch meeting for Dishonored. "Well, it's Deus Ex meets BioShock," someone undoubtedly said. "Oh hey, and let's throw in some Half-Life 2 'cause why not?"
It's a bizarre, eclectic blend, the type of combination that might seem too ambitious to... More »


XCOM: Enemy Unknown: The Kotaku Review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown should have been a disaster. It's a turn-based strategy title, a style of game its publisher said only last year was "just not contemporary". More »


The Best Ways I Killed People In Dishonored

Call it morbid, call it gruesome, call it what you will. But murdering corrupt guards in creative ways is one of the most satisfying things you can do in Dishonored, the triumphant stealth-action game that hits store shelves tomorrow.
While playing the game over the past week or so, I killed... More »


Click on the links (or images!) above to read Jason's review of Dishonored—which he calls a masterpiece—and Luke's review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown—which surprises him by remaining true to its predecessors in the best of ways.