Disappointing Everyone, The World Ends With You Countdown Leads to a $20 iOS Port

A rogue online store listing last week meant today Square Enix more confirmed than announced that The World Ends With You-Solo Remix will be released for iOS devices, both in the west and Japan. The game goes on sale tomorrow. That's its launch trailer above.

This isn't gonna be cheap. the iPhone version is $17.99, the iPad's will run $19.99. More details at the game's official page, now that the big countdown is over.

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Perhaps Square Enix is testing the waters on iOS? If The World ends With You is selling well on iOS, then maybe the sequel will be not on the 3DS or/and PS Vita, but on iOS! I guess licensing fee for developing games for the 3DS and PS Vita is way higher than the one for making games for iOS??? Then the choice is easily made, huh or not?